Happy Women’s day

It is the most awaited day of the year- International Women’s day 

Every year on the 08th of March we celebrate this day to celebrate “Us”-Women

Women have definitely come far in terms of seeking equality in society since the 1800s. However there is still a requirement of education about our health in each and every stage of our life.

Be it adolescence, adulthood, motherhood, or menopausal stages of our life… 

1. During adolescence/Puberty – The body is raging with hormones and developing sexual function. If the adolescent is malnourished and inactive this affects the bone growth and may lead to poor absorption of nutrients and poor bone + skeletal growth. This will affect their future life.

2. During adulthood, healthy nutrition as well exercise are essential. If the female is pregnant then iron, calcium and Vitamin D are suggested along with balanced cardiovascular exercises such as walking, cycling or if you are a runner to continue with pre pregnancy exercises. Pregnant women are also suggested to focus on yoga and or Pilates for improving pelvic floor health.

3. Post pregnancy/breastfeeding stage, continuing Vitamin D, calcium and multivitamins to maintain the physical health along with balanced cardiovascular and strength exercises are recommended. First 6 months – post-delivery are crucial to regain the pre pregnancy fitness levels and continuing both types of activities.

4. Bone health is extremely vital for women’s health as the age progresses.  Healthy diet along with weight bearing + strength exercises such as gym exercises, Pilates, yoga, along with cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running or cycling are suggested. 

5. Vitamin D supplements are suggested to improve bone health and include the same via nutrition in terms of green leafy vegetables, low fat cheese, eggs, low fat milk and low fat yoghurt are recommended.

6. Maintaining healthy body weight is extremely important to avoid low back pain, knee pain arising from carrying extra weight on these weight bearing joints. Also as we age we store more fat than muscle mass in our body, hence it is advisable to build muscle mass by doing resistance exercises for better aging.

7. Although our bodies are resilient that go through monthly period pains, pregnancy, and menopause etc. we need to take care of this robust body by doing regular exercise and supplementing our food with supplements/ multivitamins, colourful foods( more colour on your plate the better ) in our diet for a healthy and long life.

8. We look after others all the time and now it’s time to take care of ourselves!! Lastly, do not forget about self-care and mental health, you are amazing, strong, beautiful and you are doing great!! Keep it up!!

Sam Bhide

Owner/Clinical Director of Physiozen


Physiotherapy, wellness and fitness service 

United Kingdom

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