Workshops and Mentoring

At, ePhysios we believe in spreading awareness related to health and fitness. We conduct interactive virtual workshops aiming to teach you about various aspects of health, fitness for all ages and occupations.

Our physiotherapy experts provide one on one virtual mentoring services to physical therapy students to enhance their skills to become better clinicians.


For those seeking treatment for injury, illness & disability

  • Have your fitness assessed with self-diagnostic tests during your initial ePhysios consultation
  • Exercises are performed under the guidance of your personal physiotherapist 
  • Customized videos are provided as part of your home exercise program
  • You will receive follow-up sessions and progress reports until your recovery is complete
  • Your physiotherapist is there to help at every step, and we will always respond to you within 24 hours of you contacting us

A no-obligation consultation with an ePhysios expert to discuss your goals and help you decide which of our programs could best fit your needs!

Power motherhood

Postnatal coaching program

“Power motherhood” is designed specifically for your postpartum body and mind. The program is a unique blend of fitness and physical therapy to empower you through the postpartum journey.

This program is for pregnant mothers who wish to prepare themselves for the postnatal journey and all postpartum mothers.

  • A comprehensive 8-week coaching program with our postnatal fitness expert, who helps new mothers best prepare for their physical & mental recovery 
  • Talk to us about your concerns and let us help you plan your goals with an initial virtual visit from a specialist who will regularly keep in touch throughout the program
  • Explore our successful prevention strategies for addressing the physical complaints commonly associated with this phase
  • Get motivated with our weekly workout videos to strengthen your body
  • Learn from our ePhysios specialist about breastfeeding and nutrition
  • Opportunity to be a part of an online community of new mothers

Get fit with ePhysios

For those seeking to achieve their fitness goals

  • Our fitness programs blend strength training, flexibility, yoga & breathwork into your fitness routine
  • An ePhysios fitness coach (a qualified physiotherapist) will screen your fitness levels 
  • Together with your coach, you will design a personalized program that focuses on your goals

So why wait? Let’s get started with the program…

Workspace wellness

For those seeking a safe, healthy workstation that limits the physical problems associated with using laptops, phones & computers

  • Our program will help you prevent aches and pains in your joints and muscles as well as improve productivity by codesigning workstations that work for you!
  • Evaluate your workstation under the guidance of our remote movement expert
  • Wellness education workshops for employees
  • Receive a detailed report with tips & suggestions for modifications
  • Get recommendations about equipment, and an exercise poster for your desk

Your ePhysios Journey


Whether you want to take up our offer of a 15 minute free discovery call or dive in with a targeted physiotherapy consultation, book an appointment so we can find a time that works for you.
Online physiotherapy isn’t right for everybody. So we will ask you a few basic questions to ensure ePhysios can treat you successfully.
No lines, no queues = no stress!
ePhysios will review your circumstances promptly. Then your preferred physiotherapist will personally contact you to confirm your first video appointment.


Thank you for joining us! You have decided that ePhysios can provide you with the tools to take control of your health and achieve maximum recovery. So now what?

You can expect your first physiotherapy video session to last between 45 and 60 minutes. By this time, you will have already received an email with all the details you need, including:

  • Confirmation of your appointment and ePhysios login details
  • Therapist name and contact information, bio & qualifications
  • Recommended equipment (if applicable)

When you connect with your physiotherapist, they will soon make you feel comfortable so that each experience is as personalised and rewarding as possible. As the focus on your health and physical condition begins, you will quickly forget about the geographical distance between you and your consultant – in fact, it may even feel as if you are in the same room!


After the video session, your physiotherapist will send you an email confirming the prescribed exercises. If appropriate, you will receive your progress report and any supplementary material, such as videos and our bespoke ePhysioclips™ .

Then – until your next appointment – it’s over to you! ePhysiotherapy is identical to in-person therapy – it requires your engagement. But you won’t be alone… ePhysios will still be there for you in between appointments to support you in setting goals and keeping up to date with the personalized recovery program recommended by your physiotherapist.


As you exercise and your recovery progresses, your physiotherapist will continue to schedule regular appointments with you until that special day arrives…


Congratulations! Your physiotherapist will discharge you when you improve to a level where our further intervention is no longer necessary. But we hope this is not the end of your relationship with ePhysios… We will offer you a home exercise program at no extra charge, along with advice on self-management techniques and what steps to take in the unfortunate event that symptoms reoccur or new ailments emerge. We also ask for your feedback and testimonials – as well as giving you the opportunity to share exclusive ePhysios discounts with your friends! And if that’s not enough, you can continue to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where our ePhysioclips™ continue to drop fresh advice for working and exercising from home!