We have years of experience working across India, United States and United Kingdom. We keep our knowledge and skills updated by collaborating with experts in the field and following an evidence-based practice.

Meg Borah PT, HCPC, CSP

My Story

With over eleven years experience as a physiotherapist practicing in both India and the United Kingdom, I have developed both my clinical knowledge and the ability to instantly put clients at ease. Making people laugh is a useful skill to have when supporting people through the challenge of rehabilitation and recovery, and since I was young I have always attempted to seek the humour and positivity in others.

I was born in Meghalaya in North East India and spent my childhood in Assam – I try to return there as often as possible to catch up with family and friends. I love visiting the surrounding areas with my husband, who is from England and who also enjoys exploring new places.

Moving to Bangalore was a great opportunity for me to increase my confidence by interacting with diverse people from all over India and beyond. I qualified as a physiotherapist there, practising for several years in a variety of settings until I reached seniority, ultimately helping establish the key department of a ‘first of it’s kind’ maternity service. My biggest influence was Joseph Pasangha, my boss at Fortis Hospitals. He was a great communicator, putting an emphasis on the importance of listening to your patients – it is always key to understanding another human being, and can often be forgotten by medical professionals.

Later I moved to Bristol in the south west of England. I worked at various physio clinics and soon built a loyal following of runners and cyclists, helping them get back to fitness and competing once again. I worked with Nicole Crewe, who founded The Physio Crew (a range of physio clinics across the region). She appreciated my patient-centred approach, and I was inspired to think about developing my own business. Alongside treating patients in person, I developed an interest in the potential of new technologies and how these are beginning to benefit customers by providing an improved, more personalised journey. I built up my experience in ePhysiotherapy, and now lead a team of ePhysiotherapists for a major global healthcare provider.

I ensure I continue my professional development by regularly attending seminars and courses, accessing the latest guidance and research so that my peers and clients can trust they are receiving the best available, evidence-based advice.

Away from work, I enjoy hiking and running. My favorite way to unwind is by learning to cook new meals and understanding the multitude of cuisines this world has to offer! My food is popular with my colleagues, friends and family.

My Approach

Giving my patients time to build trust is key. My clients describe me as gentle and caring, and I take pride at putting people at ease. I want to offer my full attention, and a platform to express any frustrations, anxiety and doubts.

In many parts of the world, physiotherapy is a passive and dictatorial experience. There can be an over-reliance on machinery and intensive, rushed treatment within a narrow window of time. Patients will be sent home with a sheet of paper containing a few exercise diagrams designed to achieve a quick win. But where is the focus on the longer term progress of patients and lifelong health?

Working in the UK has helped me develop my skills in conducting thorough and well-informed assessments, helping me to decide how I can best help my clients and provide the support, confidence and motivation they seek.

My Specialisms, Education & Career


Sports & Musculoskeletal (MSK) injury | Cardio-respiratory fitness | Chronic pain | Clinical research | Guest Lecturer | Leading seminars

I have a special interest in mind & body, using a combination of behavioral change techniques, movement control, yoga and exercise therapy to empower patients.


Masters of Physiotherapy • RGUHS • Bangalore • India

Bachelor of Physiotherapy • RGUHS • Bangalore • India


Musculoskeletal Team • Lead AXA Health • Bristol • United Kingdom

Clinical Physiotherapist • The Physio Crew • Bristol • United Kingdom

Lead Physiotherapist • Narayana Health • Bangalore • India

Lead & Women’s Health Physiotherapist • Fortis La Femme • Bangalore • India

Senior Physiotherapist • Fortis Hospital • Bangalore • India

Fitness Trainer • Contours Women’s Fitness Studio • Bangalore India

Dr.Neeraja Suryawanshi, PT, DPT

My Story

Back in high school in Nagpur, I once read a quote that has stayed with me to this day: “Physiotherapists add life to years.”  This advice had an impact on me and I decided to pursue my education in Physiotherapy, aiming to improve the quality of life for people in need. I cannot remember the name of that book… But I now have over thirteen years of physio experience!

I studied Physiotherapy in Nagpur and started my career as a physiotherapist at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital where I quickly built up my experience. My husband accepted a job in Bangalore, and I was pleased to accept an opportunity at Fortis Hospitals.  It was here in Bangalore, I suppose, where the ePhysios story began. Because Fortis is where I first met Meg, my ePhysios co-founder. My knowledge continued to expand whilst independently managing inpatient units and outpatient clinics in multi-speciality hospitals. But I was keen to seek further opportunities, and gain wider exposure to the new technologies that benefit our health.

My husband and I moved to the USA in 2013 and I completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. Not long after this, we welcomed our daughter into the world. I have a special interest in women’s health and hence I pursued Postnatal Fitness Specialist certification that enabled me to guide new mothers in postpartum recovery. In 2016 I joined Hands On Physical Therapy, an orthopaedic outpatient clinic in New York. Over this time I have witnessed the increased emphasis on physiotherapy specialisms in the USA. There is a wider range of physio services available and, because of this, the welfare of the customer is given particular attention.

I have a passion to educate and guide people in the pursuit of optimum health, and I’m particularly interested in reaching people in more remote areas. When I spoke to Meg about this,  I found it inspiring that she shared the same determination to bring about change. And with this understanding, ePhysios was created!

My other interests are writing fitness blogs; reading spiritual and motivational books, and exploring new places with my family. My favourite part of the day is reading a book with my morning coffee.

My Approach

I bring a holistic outlook to my work, placing an emphasis on natural healing. It is important to give consideration to the mind & body as a whole, not just the symptoms or diagnosis. I believe in empowering and educating people to set realistic fitness goals, customised for the benefit of each individual. My personal self-development is also important, and I regularly participate in courses and seminars that help to progress evidence-based practices.

My Specialisms, Education & Career


Musculoskeletal (MSK) injury | Cardio-pulmonary | Women’s fitness | Postnatal fitness | ICU management | Guest Lecturer | Fitness Blogging

I have rehabilitated numerous patients after various surgeries including orthopaedic, post-cardiac, hip and knee replacement,  and neurosurgery.


Doctor of Physical Therapy • University of Montana • USA

Postnatal Fitness Specialist • JMJ Fitness Academy • Canada

Masters of Physiotherapy • RGUHS • Bangalore • India

Bachelor of Physiotherapy • MUHS • Nagpur • India


Physical Therapist • Hands on Physical Therapy • New York • USA

Physiotherapist • Fortis Hospitals • Bangalore • India

Women’s Fitness Trainer • Contours Women’s Fitness Studio • Bangalore • India

Physiotherapist • Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital • Pune • India