Easing back pain while breastfeeding

I held my bundle of joy 3 months ago and every minute since then has been a new learning experience. I had challenges while feeding my first baby, hence this time around I decided to plan ahead to make it easier on my body.

Breastfeeding is a multifaceted skill. While trying to comfort the baby we often ignore how postural stress might be affecting our bodies.

Breastfeeding my babies was wonderful but challenging too. My back and neck took a toll while being in an awkward position sometimes.

To relieve aches and pains I implemented some strategies such as posture correction, feeding positions, exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles to relieve the symptoms.

My tip: Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful!

I am sharing some easy tricks and tips which helped me ease the pain and prevented it from recurring.


Sitting on a comfortable chair with your back, and feet supported is very important. Use a small pillow behind your back if the chair doesn’t give you enough lumbar support. The feet should be flat on the ground. 

2. Use a feeding pillow and a simple hack that I found useful was to put a small towel folded under the headend of the pillow so the baby is in a propped up optimal position and you won’t hunch over to feed. Let baby come to your breast instead of you leaning forward to feed.

3. Try different feeding positions.

In the daytime, you can try feeding the baby on the bed lying on your side to ease stress over the lower back.

Your breasts need support too. Wear a good quality bra.

4. Simple stretches and exercises to strengthen your back. Try these mobility exercises 2 to 3 times a day.

5. Deep breathing helps to relax your whole body. Breath in through your nose and breath out through your mouth.

Some add ons: Heat pack, massage, take a break and rest by pumping and bottle feeding, always take help when offered, and most important hydrate!!

Prevention is better than cure.


The above tips are not a substitute for medical advice please seek a medical professional if the pain is severe and you are experiencing tingling, numbness in your arms and legs.

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